Exploration pataphysique 4
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Here, at the Citadelle, the G.P.S (Sometimes Serious Guides) have worked diligently and uncovered unsuspected secrets. Using “pataphysics”, they take you on an exploration of the fort and will make you relive their investigation, their questioning, and their deductions.

Pataphysics is a science that seeks imaginary solutions to problems that, at first glance, do not exist.

L'Agonie du Palmier

Established in 2008, The Agony of the Palm Tree is a collective of artists based in Marseille, with artistic coordination provided by Coline Trouvé and Pierrick Bonjean.

They accompany each other in their respective creations in dramaturgy, external perspective, and sometimes performance, questioning together the substance, the form, and the manner of creating shows today. Pierrick and Coline create shows in the streets and in seemingly non-dedicated spaces...

Their performances are both absurd and clownesque, aiming to challenge audiences on the state of the world. For this, they surround themselves with actresses, actors, and various artistic and technical collaborators. Armed with derision and questions, Pierrick and Coline continue to move forward with the certainty of being artists still living off the spectacle not yet dead.

Commissioned by the Marseille Citadelle.

Author Pierrick Bonjean

Performers Pierrick Bonjean and Laetitia Langlet

Production L'Agonie du Palmier Collective

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