The project

A heritage third-place of creations and innovations
The Citadelle de Marseille association is a non-profit organization under the 1901 Law, a member of the Groupe SOS, which has held a 40-year BEA on Fort d’Entrecasteaux since December 8, 2021, the upper part of the fort Saint-Nicolas, with two missions: to restore the site and open it to the public.
©Leonor Lumineau / Hans Lucas

While this military fort has been closed to the public for over 350 years, we are gradually opening its doors permanently. The first major step sees our Gardens welcoming neighbors, residents of Marseille, and tourists starting from May 2024.

Our ambition? To restore and transform this defensive military fort into a place of life, creation, and culture; a heritage third-place of creations and innovations.

We will strive to reconnect citizens with their history and heritage, involve them alongside artists and researchers in this endeavor, and commit at each stage to a sustainable and inclusive approach to collectively reinvent the uses of heritage.


Heritage reinvented

To Restore and Transform a classified Historical Monument, a defensive military fort, into a welcoming, vibrant, and cultural space

Regenerative vision

To commit to sustainable and inclusive management

Collective involvement

To reconnect citizens with their heritage and history

Research and creations

To approach entrusted heritages with the perspectives of contemporary researchers and artists

Amplification and Transmission

To disseminate our narratives, values, and practices in our environment