L'île aux chiens
© DR La Citadelle de Marseille

A unprecedented sound fiction in our gardens

Discover a little-known episode in the history of the Citadelle

In our gardens, discover the story of the hundreds of animals that lived at the fort under the aegis of the Army Health and Veterinary Service through a geolocated audio drama.

"There are so many legends here, so many ghosts. When I talk to people, I always learn some really good ones. It's almost as if everyone in Marseilles has a story to tell about the Fort, sometimes it's unverifiable, sometimes it's completely untrue, but people repeat their stories anyway."

In this geolocated audio drama, author Valérie Manteau invites you to explore the sensitive grey areas that remain in the interstices of Marseille's heroic history, written stone by stone in the fort. A walk among ghosts that plunges you into the mysteries of the Citadelle and sheds light on a little-known episode shrouded in fantasy and suspicion: the occupation of the Citadelle by hundreds of animals, under the aegis of the Armed Forces Health and Veterinary Service from 1978 to 2011.

This sound fiction was produced by Ensembles 2.2, a creative studio working in the field of sound and hybrid arts.

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